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New Website Update

I have been working to get this webspace all up and running. Hopefully you all like what has been done and the flow and function make sense. I try to make it as easy as possible for you all to find the info that you are looking for quickly and efficiently. Sometimes I do good, and sometimes not so good but hey A for effort I guess lol. Not only does work but so does This should, I think, make it much easier for people to find out about the group and how to get involved.

But as you can see the information listed in the music section is a lot more compact and makes much more sense in terms of how the information is displayed. The website is still being worked on but eventually it will take full shape and will incorporate a place for all of you gals to find not only information for yourselves but I am also hoping that we can start utilizing the events page to post things about upcoming performances etc. This should include Day, Time and a interactive map that will allow you or your family to get to the right place each and every time! 

Anyways I hope that you all enjoy the site and that this makes sense. Feel free to use the form on the Music site to email me through the website with any questions, suggestions or issues you may have and I will make sure to address them as soon as I am humanly able. 


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